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Shazia Masroor’s Advanced Reinforcement Training for English, known more commonly as SMART English, is an online program for English Language development, learning and examination guidance for students from grades 7 till O Level final year. This program is run under the instruction of Shazia Masroor.


Why SMART English?

Over 18 Years of Teaching Experience


Improved Language


Exam Success


Higher Grades


Magnify Ingenuity

Learning Objectives

Guaranteed Improvement in English grades!

Confidence Development

A student has to be confident in their abilities and knowledge to answer test and exam questions and to be able to write in English using the knowledge with which they are imparted.

Establishing Creativity

SMART English inculcates a diverse vocabulary into the students so that they can discuss their ideas and tell stories with a vigor that captures their readers’ interest.

Expression Enhancement

With a diverse vocabulary already being inculcated, students also need to understand and use expressions correctly so as not to misuse the English language and impart their ideas effectively.

Achieve High Grades

SMART English prepares students using special tips and techniques developed by us to show improvement and success in results as well as admissions to reputable universities across the world.

Result-Oriented Training

Any and every course is only ever effective if it works towards improving test scores and results - something we aim to achieve here with each and every student.

Exam Prep

Our special examination preparation sessions are designed to strengthen students for the exam hall using past papers and marking schemes specific to the course for which a student is about to sit in the upcoming CAIE session.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin



Sakina Toosy

Class of 2020

“All the pick and drops were totally worth it as my daughter got an A* in English because of her hard work and the amazing guidance provided by Miss Shazia. She really brought out the best in Mina. Highly recommended 👍🏻”

O Level English Language – Grade: A*


Mina Toosy

Class of 2020

“My experience with Miss Shazia was a memorable one, indeed. I achieved an A* in English Language (O-Levels) and I truly believe the credit goes to her!! I definitely recommend SMART English for those students who want to brush up their skills in this subject. We were provided with past papers, comprehensions and homework which gave us practice. Our work was regularly checked and we were explained how we could perform better next time. I hope everyone tries this out and IA gets an excellent grade in this subject!! ❤️”

O Level English Language – Grade: A*


Tehmina Baadat (Mother)

Class of 2020

“Ms Shazia Masroor proved to be a wonderful mentor for my son Zeyaan who attained an A* under her guidance. Without a doubt, she has a strong sense of responsibility towards her students allowing them to learn more deeply. Ms Shazia always kept me well informed about my son’s progress and over the course of time that Zeyaan studied from her I saw a remarkable improvement in his work. She always went out of her way to help him out.
Absolutely grateful to her for putting in so much of effort and for being such a passionate teacher.”

O Level English Language – Grade: A*


Zeeyan Baadat

Class of 2020

“Ms Shazia is one of the most amazing teachers to have taught me. She helped me attain an A* in English Language.
She has always been very helpful and friendly. She teaches very effectively and makes every class joyful. My vocabulary has grown manifolds under her guidance.
Ms Shazia goes an extra mile to put things across to her students and I have always felt welcomed and comfortable in her class.”

O Level English Language – Grade: A*


Maryam Ali (Mother)

Class of 2020

“I am immensely grateful to Shazia for teaching both my sons. She works really hard to ensure that her students are successful. I am extremely satisfied by her meticulous teaching style and the way she provided my sons with a strong command of the English language. They both secured A* in O-level examinations and this would not have been possible without her efforts. 😊”

Sheikh Zohaib Ali & Sheikh Shahzaib Ali

O Level English – Grade: A*



Class of 2018

Hello, my name is Mustafa and Madam Shazia taught me in my O level years. Her dedication towards her students and out of the box teaching methods were the reasons I ended up getting an A* in my O-level exams. She was not only able to teach me how to direct myself through the papers questions but also equipped me with the essential writing skills that I now use on a day to day basis.

I strongly recommend her to anyone who will be taking the O/A-Level English exam.

O Level English – Grade: A*



Class of 2017

Hi my name is Ibrahim and I studied from teacher Shazia throughout my O levels. I ended up getting An A in my final examinations and that would not have been possible without her. She not only helped me improve my language skills but also guided me on what the examiners expect and how I should go about attempting the paper.

I would strongly recommend her class to anyone who will be taking the English Language O/A level exam.

O Level English Language – Grade: A